About William J. Edmunds, IV, MA


I am happy to be a part of the great faculty here at the SAHP - Department of Radiation Technology. I enjoy helping future generations of x-ray technologists gain the skills needed to be top-notch professionals in the field. I am an Assistant Professor and in 2024 will move into the department chair role. In addition, I am a doctoral candidate (Ed.D.) in Organizational Leadership at Concordia University - Chicago (2024).

After graduating with my AS degree in medical radiography from LLU, I was a full-time radiologic technologist for 5 years at LLUMC. I have continued to work part-time one day a week for the past 10 years at the LLUH Surgical Hospital working in the OR, on fluoroscopy cases, out-patient general x-ray, and in-patient portables. I enjoy the ability to keep up with the latest technology, which helps in the technical courses I teach within the medical radiography program.                             

Please email me with any questions I can help answer about radiography or anything else to do with LLU.





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