About Fayth M. Butler, PhD


My training and education have placed me at the interface of molecular biology and epidemiology. My Ph.D. is in Biological Sciences, and I have M.S. degrees in Biotechnology and Epidemiology. My postdoctoral training was in the areas of molecular epidemiology and biobehavioral cancer prevention.  Currently, as an investigator in the Loma Linda University School of Public Health with a secondary appointment in the School of Medicine, I am conducting research examining the interplay of lifestyle factors with alterations in biomarkers in the Adventist Health Study-2 cohort. I am examining the association of diet patterns with metabolic and epigenetic signatures using omics data to uncover novel mechanisms for diet-disease relationships. Ultimately, the goal is to identify biomarkers linked to lifestyle that may predict cancer and other chronic diseases, and determine the relevant interactions and networks of such biomarkers. I am particularly interested in understanding the role of race in these associations, with the goal of reducing health disparities. I am enthusiastic about interdisciplinary research spanning the fields of molecular biology, epidemiology, nutrition, and bioinformatics, which is necessary to accomplish these goals.