About Brenda L. Boyd, PhD

My mission as a Loma Linda University faculty is to be a catalyst to help others see and reach their fullest potential, so they can live at their highest best and fulfill their life calling. 

My vision is happy, equipped, inspired, and changed lives, who go on to transform the world, one touch at a time. 

I view my role as a faculty member as a helper to my students, so they can see and reach their their highest best and fulfill their own life calling. I am convicted that every person has the power to change the world for the good, and I am fulfilled when I can stand beside my students to encourage and motivate them on that journey.

It really matters to me that my students grow, change, and become what God created them to be.

I see my place in the lives of my students as one who listens, supports, and believes in them. I gain satisfaction by helping my students remove the obstacles that block their success. I want to be one who pushes or pulls them toward their goals.

As an educator at Loma Linda University I have committed my life to helping others, living in wholeness, and living by high values and standards.

I am motivated by the mission, vision, and values of Loma Linda University, which include humility, excellence, justice, freedom, integrity, compassion, and self-control.

Visit my professional portfolio website: https://brendaboydphdportfolio.wordpress.com