About Firas Bannout, MD

 I am highly committed to treat and educate my patients about epilepsy and other seizure conditions. I believe that epilepsy is a very distressful neurologic condition on the physical, mental and social aspects.  I work along with my patients and their families to eliminate and alleviate all of these components. I strive to control seizures as well as paying extra attention to the patient’s life style in relation to medications side effects. Achiveing high quality care and life style is my ultimate goal by avoiding debilitating social restrictions such as driving, swimming and other basic elements of good living.  

 I carefully select the best antiepileptic drugs to suit every individual patient after confirming the diagnosis of epilepsy. If seizures continue, we have full capacity at Loma Linda Medical Center to evaluate patients with inpatient continuous video-EEG monitoring to confirm the diagnosis of epilepsy and to assess for possible epilepsy surgery. We work along with our neuroradiologists to obtain high quality brain MRI and other imaging modalities if required (SPECT, PET...).  We also work along with our neurosurgeons for other neuromodulating therapy such as vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) device.

With my native Arabic language and Syrian culture background, I am able to understand the Stigma of epilepsy and to educate patients about epilepsy which is unfortunately still not well understood by the majority of general population, particularly in some developing countries.