About Lamitra M. Baez, PhD

Dr. Lamitra Baez is a full-time faculty member for the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program, a position she has held since January 2017. Her background as a Speech and Language Pathologist spans over 20 years. She has skillfully held a variety of positions with emphasis in working with infants, toddlers, and school-aged children with various speech and language disorders.

As professor, Dr. Baez has instructed undergraduate students in courses such as Bilingualism-Biculturalism and Language Science, graduate students in Early Childhood Language Disorders and School-Aged Language Disorders, and post-graduate students in Clinical Issues in Speech and Language Pathology. Additionally, she is the Clinical Instructor for the Loma Linda Elementary Speech Clinic, supervising undergraduate students as they provide speech and language services for elementary students. She also acts as the Clinical Instructor for the LLU Early Intervention Clinic, supervising graduate students as they provide speech and language services for clients age 1 to 4 years old. Professional interests involve issues regarding communication diagnoses and interventions for children of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Working with undergraduate and graduate students and they provide fun and educational activities for children in surrounding communities is another passion of hers.

Lamitra Baez earned her PhD in Educational Psychology in December 2019. She is also an Advisory Board Member for the SLP Master’s Degree Program at Loma Linda University.  She serves on the SAHP Faculty Council Executive Committee and the Cultural Humility Task Force for the National Black Association for Speech-Lanuage and Hearing