About Arham Ali, MBBS, MS

Caring for children in extremis with compassion and medicine has become a personal mantra throughout my education and professional training. My international experiences during medical school in Pakistan exposed me to a wide breadth of pathology and resource-limited management strategies. Formalized research training at a premier burn institution fostered a mindset of inquiry and hypothesis-driven research pertaining to the hypermetabolic and hypercatabolic response to severe burn injury. Thereafter, residency training at a large volume children’s hospital, promoted a culture of autonomy early in my clinical training. Fellowship training at UCLA has provided mentorship from international leaders in various pediatric subspecialties, while bolstering a patient population amongst the highest acuity and complexity in the nation. Henceforth, the amalgamation of my diverse experiences have culminated in my ability to practice evidence based medicine utilizing an educative, cost effective, and family centered approach.