About Olayemi O. Adeoye, MBBS, PhD, MPH

Dr. Adeoye received his medical degree from College of Medicine University of Lagos in 2004 and practiced clinical medicine for two years. His love and passion for community health and research propelled him to attaining a Master of Public Health (MPH, 2008) and a Doctorate in Physiology (PhD, 2013) from Loma Linda University. He completed his three-year fellowship in Vascular Biology with the Center for Perinatal Biology Loma Linda University in June 2016 and joined the School of Pharmacy at LLU as an Assistant Professor of Physiology. He has extensive teaching experience of basic science and public health subjects. His research interests include elucidation of mechanisms involved with mammalian vascular smooth muscle responses to hypoxia. Additionally, owing to the great need for better understanding of drug metabolism, interaction and therapeutics during pregnancy, he currently studies the regulation of the cytochrome P450 system during pregnancy and hypoxia. He recently received a two year (Jan 2020 - Dec 2022) funding to study the molecular markers of steroid sensitivity in fetal immune and endothelial cells. He hopes to attain a results oriented mastery of delivering learning materials to his students and to motivate them to develop productive practices that will enable them to be competitive after graduation.