NOTE TO RECOMMENDER: You have been requested to complete this reference form by a applicant applying for a summer internship, management residency, or administrative fellowship at Loma Linda University Health. Your honest appraisal is very valuable to us and will assist us in evaluating the applicant's qualifications for one of our talent development programs. Please complete the following reference form and email directly to Loma Linda University Health - Human Resources Management.

If you have any questions about this evaluation form, please feel free to contact us by email at or phone at 909-651-4001.

Students Name
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Your confidential evaluation of this individual in regards to the items listed below is appreciated. Using the following guidelines, please rate the applicant in the following general areas by selecting the appropriate option.

Excels - Performance significantly exceeds acceptable requirements.
Good - Performance exceeds acceptable requirements.
Average - Performance meets acceptable requirements.
Fair - Performance less than acceptable requirements.
Poor - Performance significantly below acceptable requirements.
N/A - Performance not demonstrated or observed