Students Rights and Responsibilities

If you have any questions that go beyond what this handbook is able to answer please ask the dean or refer to the Loma Linda University handbook.

Quiet Hours

In the interest of maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to studying, we ask that you avoid any noisy activities. You must respect the rights of others by refraining from any inordinate, noise-producing pursuits, such as playing a stereo loudly (bass level in particular), musical instruments, loud social gatherings, etc. Headsets are recommended to control noise levels. REMEMBER MANY STUDENTS HAVE CLINICALS AT NIGHT AND SLEEP DURING THE DAY.


Daniells policy prohibits visitation privileges to persons of the opposite sex in the residence complex between 10:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. The lounge next to the office area is provided for you and your guests. All overnight guests must register at the office. Any prolonged visit will require special permission and possible charges.


Loma Linda University is a drug free campus. The possession or use of non-prescription drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is strictly forbidden on campus or in DRC by residents and/or their guests. Consequences due to the violation of this standard will be individually determined by the deans and may be cause for dismissal from the complex and/or university.


All apartments are required to be kept clean. Remember this is a residence complex and you may have roommates. Please be considerate. We advise that you get together and agree who will clean what on a daily basis. ALL FOOD MUST BE CLEANED UP IMMEDIATELY AND PLACED IN CONTAINERS. This will keep bugs and insects out. If your residence is not kept clean, the dean or his assistants will have an outside service come in at your expense. If an unclean apartment or open food persist you will be asked to leave.

Energy Conservation

Please help conserve energy at DRC by turning off lights, radios, TVs, etc. when you leave your apartment. Also, turn off the a/c-heater when you're leaving for the weekend. We are committed to keeping the rent down to a minimum and electricity is one of our biggest expenses.

Furniture and Equipment

All furniture and equipment in DRC is for the use of current residents. The removal of any furniture or equipment belonging to the University constitutes theft. Residents will be held responsible for equipment and furnishings missing, or any damaged beyond normal use. Transfer of furniture from one apartment to another is not allowed.


Here at Daniells, we want to encourage the message from Matthew 18:15,16. If problems need to be addressed we suggest that you start by talking to the parties involved. If that does not help or is not appropriate, contact one of the following: your Resident Director, the Student Dean, Head Dean, or VP of Student Affairs. If these are not suitable for your needs, refer to the Loma Linda University Grievance Policy (found in the LLU Handbook).


No pets allowed in the apartments. A fine of $100 will be levied should this regulation be violated. Small fish tanks that are kept clean are an exception, with the dean's approval.

Harassment and Mistreatment

DRC follows the University's stance regarding these issues. Please refer to the Loma Linda University handbook.

Sabbath Preparation

In harmony with the spirit of Sabbath observance, the laundry room and recreational areas are closed a half an hour before sundown on Friday and will be reopened sundown Saturday.

Use of Balcony

Please do not use your balcony for storage. There is a small storage closet off your balcony to be used for this purpose. Any large items may be placed in the Daniells storage room. Your balcony is not to be used to hang-dry clothes. Barbecues are not allowed. All items must be removed when checking out of the residence.