Athletic Facilities

A variety of athletic facilities are available to the residents. The Drayson Center provides soccer and softball fields, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, basketball courts, an indoor & outdoor track, two heated outdoor pools, a Jacuzzi, and sauna. The number for the service desk is (909) 558-1000, extension 44975. DRC has a small weight room (see weight room in listing) located in the complex.

Auto Cleaning

A hose is available to wash your car. The hook up is located by the bike room. Please wind the hose up when you are finished.

Bicycle Room

The bicycle room is located on the lower level of building 50. This room will remain locked at all times. Your apartment key opens the door. Bike racks are provided. You must provide your own chain and lock. If you choose to keep your bicycle in your apartment, you must:

  • Have permission from the other residents in the apartment
  • Be aware that charges may be levied on you if your bicycle causes damage in your apartment (i.e. oil on carpet, wall markings, etc.)

All bicycles stored in the bike room must have a name tag. Any bicycles that are left after you leave the complex will be discarded. No hooks are allowed in the apartment ceiling or walls to hold your bicycle.


Although Daniells provides a kitchen in the apartment, students sometimes choose to eat at one of the three cafeterias on campus. LLU cafeteria is directly across from DRC and is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m Mon-Thurs & 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. on Fridays. The two other cafeterias are at the Children's Hospital and Loma Linda Hospital. There is also the option of the "Patio Pantry" and "Bill's Place" which are vegetarian, cafeteria-style eateries open for breakfast and lunch.

Copy Machine

There is a copy machine in the office. The desk worker will be happy to make the copies for you. There is no charge for Daniells residents for the first five copies. After five pages, the cost is ten cents per copy.

Fax Machine

DRC has a fax machine in the office. Prices vary according to how many pages and where it is being sent. Residence may receive faxes for free up to five pages. Over five pages and the charge will be 10 cents per page.

Food Bar

There are inexpensively priced snacks, foods, and beverages available for purchase at the office. If you are a current student and living at DRC, you may charge these items against your active student account.

Internet Access

A line is provided for direct access. No other Internet lines or services are permitted.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is on the ground floor of building 20, next to the office. Clothes should not be left unattended. The University is not responsible for articles lost or damaged. The laundry room is open 24 hours each day, except Sabbath. It will be closed a half an hour before sunset on Friday and open after sunset on Saturday.


A lounge is located in building 20, adjacent to the office. A large-screen television is available for Daniells residents. The TV must be used with the remote control, which may be checked out with your student ID card from the office. Newspapers and many magazines are also available. These periodicals are not to be removed from the lounge. Residents and accompanying guests are encouraged to use this area. The lobby may be reserved at the front desk by Daniells residents for the use of Bible studies, parties, study groups, etc. Remember that the noise level is a concern to the residents of the building.


All malfunction and maintenance problems should be reported to the office. Repair forms are available. Residents are not to paint their rooms, replace carpet, or rearrange fixed items.

Recreation Room

A recreation room is located on the first floor of building 60. Residents may check out Ping-Pong paddles and pool table equipment at the office with his/her student ID card.


A storage room is available for your use. All items must be kept within a closed box or container and be clearly marked with your name. The following CANNOT be stored: food items, any flammable liquids, car tires, and bikes. The University will not be responsible for loss by fire, theft or damage. ALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED WHEN YOU CHECK OUT. Articles left after you have moved from the complex will be discarded.

Telephone Service

Local telephone service is provided free of charge. Loma Linda University offers a long distance service. No additional outside lines are to be installed in the apartments. Internet services are strictly forbidden through the telephone lines.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are available for current residents to check out with a student ID card at the office. There are also mops, buckets, and other cleaning aids available. There is a twenty-minute time limit on the use of these items.

Weight Room

In building 60, a weight room is available for use by Daniells residents. You may check out the key at the office with your student ID card. In consideration of the residents above this room, we ask that no loud music be played. Please re-rack all of the weights when you are done. If you are the last person to leave the weight room, please turn off the light, and lock & close the door.