Committee Charge and Membership


The charge of the Climate Survey Committee (CSC) is to guide the development of the University's climate assessment framework and activities; to facilitate a forum for climate assessment; and to provide assessment feedback for those responsible for specific areas of campus climate. The CSC reports to the University Educational Effectiveness Committee. In fulfilling this charge, the CSC will:

  • Develop, implement, collect and analyze data, and close the loop with student, staff, and faculty climate surveys.
  • Give faculty survey to University Faculty Council.
  • Write report for LLU's WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Report.



  • Karl Haffner - Vice President, Student Experience


  • University Services

    • Campus Ministry - Terry Swenson, Chaplain
    • Center for Spiritual Life & Wholeness - TBD
    • Educational Effectiveness - Ken Nelson, Director
    • University Libraries - Elisa Cortez, Chair, Access Services
    • University Record - Erin Seheult, Director