Organizational Structure

The Academic Success Committee is made up of representatives from each of the university’s eight schools, University Services, Educational Technology Support and the Office of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research. Their mission is to identify, facilitate, and support best practices for the development and assessment of programs, online/distance learning, and student activities. The committee strives to promote academic and professional success through the utilization of various course management and assessment technologies, and the evaluation of student and alumni data for quality and effectiveness.


Charge will be formulated with guidance from the Provost, the Educational Effectiveness Committee and the University Accreditation Steering Committee.


  • Rasha Abdrabou, Assistant Professor, SAHP 
  • Alan Alipoon, Program Director, SAHP 
  • Fred Armstrong, Director, Learning Innovation Support, ETS 
  • Ron Carter, Provost 
  • Chris Denny, Web Content Manager, SN 
  • Wendy Saravia-Genovez, Associate Dean, Academic Support, SPH 
  • Karl Haffner, Vice President Student Experience 
  • Debra Hamada, Chair, Health Informatics, SAHP 
  • Michelle Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Academic Affairs, SPH 
  • DP Harris, Vice President, Information Systems 
  • Mike Iorio, Associate Chair, Radiation Technology, SAHP 
  • Justin Kinney, Assistant Dean, SP 
  • Julie Kugel, Program Director, SAHP 
  • Stanley Matsuda, Director, Educational Assessment, SP 
  • Diane Mattheson, Academic Liaison, OEEIR 
  • Brigit Mendoza, Program Director, SAHP 
  • Raphael Molinav, Digital Education Specialist, ETS 
  • John Nassif, Manager, Curriculum Services, SM 
  • Lisa Nelsen, Business Intelligence Analyst, SD 
  • Ken Nelson, Director, OEEIR 
  • Ashley Pelton, Digital Education Specialist, ETS 
  • Karen Ripley,  Assistant Professor, SN 
  • Rodney Roath, Chair, Clinical Lab Science, SAHP 
  • Verdell Schaefer, Director, Student Aid 
  • Nichola Seaton Ribadu, Program Director, SBH 
  • Doris Serna, Education and Business Analyst, ETS 
  • Huma Shah, Program Director, SPH 
  • Calvin Thomsen, Assistant Professor, SR