Organizational Structure

The Academic Mission Alignment Committee is made up of representatives from each of the university’s eight schools, University Services, Educational Technology Support, and the Office of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research. The committee seeks to encourage systematic integration and assessment of LLU’s Mission-Focused Learning outcomes and values across the university and to facilitate a forum for discussion around Service Learning and Mission-Focused Learning. The committee is tasked with creating a culture of academic service learning through education and training in alignment with the University’s Mission-Focused Learning framework and ensuring that Service-Learning strategic development is closely tied to the academic structures and community engagement efforts of the University.


Charge will be formulated with guidance from the Provost, the Educational Effectiveness Committee and the University Accreditation Steering Committee.


  • J.C. Belliard, Director, LLU Institute for Community Partnerships 
  • Dilys Brooks, Chaplain Services 
  • Beverly Buckles, Dean, SBH 
  • Ron Carter, Provost 
  • Ed Drachenberg, Director, SIMS 
  • Jeff Gang, Associate Professor, SR 
  • Patti Herring, Professor, SPH 
  • Gary Kerstetter, Director, Service Learning, SD 
  • Kathryn Knecht, Associate Professor, SP 
  • Kimberly Knowlton, Director, Drayson Center 
  • Yolanda Martinez, Instructor, SAHP 
  • Diane Mattheson, Academic Liaison, OEEIR 
  • Kelly McHan, Assistant Professor, SN 
  • Olivia Moses, Assistant VP, Health & Wholeness 
  • Vivian Navarro, Director, CAPS 
  • Ken Nelson, Director, OEEIR 
  • Shawn Plafker, Director, Student Activities 
  • Janelle Pyke, Special Asst for Academic Administration 
  • Tamara Shankel, Senior Associate Dean, SM 
  • Terry Swenson, Director, University Spiritual Care 
  • Marisol Wilkins, Program Manager, GHI