Organizational Structure

The Academic Excellence Committee is made up of representatives from each of the university’s eight schools, University Services, Educational Technology Support, and the Office of Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research. The committee provides guidance in development, implementation and ongoing review of university learning outcomes and assessment practices and to provide a forum for assessment and program improvement. The committee strives to coordinate and conduct periodic reviews in conjunction with the schools at the program level and give feedback to ensure quality improvement in educational programs and academic administration.


Charge will be formulated with guidance from the Provost, the Educational Effectiveness Committee and the University Accreditation Steering Committee.



  • Qais Alemi, Professor, SBH
  • Ron Carter, Provost 
  • Lynda Daniel-Underwood, Associate Dean, Curriculum Evaluation/Assessment, SM 
  • Hansel Fletcher, Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Affairs, SM 
  • Mark Fletcher, Manager, Admin Systems 
  • Paul Gavaza, Chair, Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences, SP 
  • Donna Gurule, Associate Dean, Academic Administration, SPH 
  • Michelle Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Academic Affairs, SPH 
  • Natalie Hohensee, Associate Professor, SD 
  • Heather Javaherian-Dysinger, Program Director, SAHP 
  • Justin Kinney, Assistant Dean, SP  
  • Karla Lavin Williams, Program Director, SAHP 
  • Diane Mattheson, Academic Liaison, OEEIR 
  • Stanley Matsuda, Director, Educational Assessment, SP 
  • Brigit Mendoza, Program Director, SAHP 
  • Ken Nelson, Director, OEEIR 
  • Todd Nelson, Assistant Professor, SAHP 
  • Winetta Oloo, Associate Dean, SBH 
  • Judy Peters, Associate Professor, SN 
  • Nancy Sarpy, Assistant Professor, SN 
  • Ernie Schwab, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, SAHP 
  • John Wical, Executive Director, Admin Systems 
  • Ken Wright, Program Director, SM 
  • Zane Yi, Associate Dean, SR