Below is a series of assessment video podcasts prepared for Loma Linda University faculty and administrators to support their assessment efforts for WASC. Handouts and additional resources are included.

You will need QuickTime to view these videos. If you need assistance downloading QuickTime on your computer, please contact IT (x48611;

Credit for all filming and post-production of these assessment videos goes to Stephen Robertson, Senior Audio-Video Specialist, Streaming Media, Educational Support Services.


WASC and Assessment Introduction Dr. Richard Hart
LLU SLOs Dr. Richard Hart
Overview of Program Review Portfolios
(Assessment of Student Learning)
Dr. Ron Carter

Program Assessment Plans

Using Institutional SLOs Dr. Susanne Montgomery
Writing Program Outcomes Dr. Ron Carter
Writing Performance Indicators Dr. Billy Hughes
Curriculum Maps for Outcome Implementation Dr. Ron Carter
The Assessment Matrix Dr. Billy Hughes