• May, 2010 - Poster Presentation - Capstone project - Western Institute of Nursing (WIN), Glendale, AZ June, 2010 - Poster Presentation - Capstone proejct - USD Research Day (05/2010)
  • Panelist on a webinar about HIPAA and nursing education.  Gave examples of current school PDA policies and those forms were used as examples during the presentation.  150-170 audience listeners based on participant log-ins to the webinar. (10/2011)
  • Poster presentation: "Use of Social Media to Enhance Learning of Pharmacology Concepts", LLU Academic conference, Centennial Complex (02/2014)
  • Poster presentation - Faculty Development - "Use of Social Media to Enhance Pharmacological Concepts" (02/2014)
  • Poster Presentation - Odyssey Conference - November 8 - 9 , 2018 - "Using YouTube to Teach Pharmacology" with Dr. Nancy Sarpy (11/2018)
  • Virtual Diversity Forum - 3 topics - Moderator for 1 speaker. (04/2021)


  • Poster presentation with Karen Ripley "Clinical Instructor Symposium: A Conference Approach to Orienting New Clinical Faculty", LLU Educational Conference, Centennial Complex, Loma Linda, CA (02/2012)
  • Neobladder poster from DNP program for Medicine Alumni reunion weekend. (03/2012)
  • LLU Evidence-based Practice Conference - Poster: "Escape Rooms: An Alternative Clinical Assessment" (05/2021)
  • "Escape" the Mundane: An Innovative Teaching Approach" poster on using the Escape Room in Education, Loma Linda Research Conference, Loma Linda, CA *Won blue ribbon for Innovative poster (05/2022)


  • 2/26/09 - Anticoagulation Management: Atrial Fibrillation - in fulfillment of 3 hour workshop for DNPC 622 - Pathogenesis and Genetics - Simulation Center, USD  (02/2009)
  • Podium and poster presentation - "Orthotopic Neobladder Irrigation: Competency Assessment Through Simulation", LLU Research Day (05/2011)
  • Poster presentation: "Reducing Free Water Volume through Standardized Medication Practices", Loma Linda University Evidence Based Practice Conference, May, 2019, Loma Linda, CA (05/2019)
  • Podium presentation: "Reducing Free Water Volume through Standardized Medication Practices", Odyssey Conference, October 11, 2019, Ontario, California (10/2019)
  • AACN Faculty Development Conference. poster presentation: "Innovation in Outcomes Assessment: Developing a Comprehensive Electronic Tool" Zamora, Z; Ripley, K, and Llaguno, M. Orlando, FL (11/2019)
  • Podium presentation: “Escape” the Mundane: incorporating an escape room in nursing education, Odyssey conference, San Diego, CA Presenting the use of the Escape room used in Adult Health II nursing class and how it is utlized for review learning and assessing skills. (10/2022)