Books and Chapters

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  • Triage and Justice: The Ethics of Rationing Life-Saving Medical Resources,                         University of California Press, 1982 (06/1982)

Non-Scholarly Journals

  • Adventists, Abortion and Principled Integrity, Spectrum, vol. 47, issue 3, 2019. (06/2019)
  • "Freedom for Neighbor Love" Spectrum, Spring, 2018 (10/2018)
  • “The Adventist Church and Its American Health Systems,” Spectrum, Volume 44, Issue 1, Winter 2016. (12/2016)

Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Betty J. Winslow and Gerald R. Winslow. ""Ethical Boundaries of Spiritual Care"." Medical Journal of Australia . (May, 2007) In an age that has featured technologically sophisticated medical interventions, patients still desire spiritually nurturing health care. However, attention to patients' spiritual needs and resources in the clinical setting may raise a number of ethical questions. Five ethical guidelines are offered as illustrations of norms that respect patients' preferences and preserve professionals' integrity. (05/2007)