Non-Scholarly Journals

  • "A Must for Our Maturing Denomination-a Vital Free Press," Adventist Today, Spring, 2013 (Vol. 21, #2). An invited guest editorial to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Adventist Today. (01/2015)
  • "A Modest Plea: Fairness and Transparency, for Jesus' Sake," Adventist Today, Spring, 2013 (Vol. 21, #2) A moral analysis and call for action regarding the high executive salaries paid by the Adventist Health System hospitals. (01/2015)


  • Moral Status (entry update), Encyclopedia of Bioethcis, 4th ed., Bruce Jennings, editor in chief (Macmillan, 2014) Originally written for the 2003 3rd edition, the entry was thoroughly updated.  Work on Baby Fae issues at LLU in the 1980s and the subsequent What is a Person? An Ethical Exploration (University of Illinois, 1997) were background for being invited to write on moral status. (01/2015)