•  Departent of Medicine Grand Rounds presentsation June 17, 2007 "Reactivation of Hepatitis", Mendler M, Tudtud-Hans L (06/2007)
  • Department of Medicine Grand Rounds presentation April 16, 2008 "Interesting Case Studies: Malabsorption and Nutrient Deficiencies", Lewis T, Tudtud-Hans L (04/2008)
  • Medicine Grand Rounds June 15, 2011, "When Generations collide in the Workplace", Tudtud-Hans L, Gold P, Baz S, Van Vranken L, Loo L (06/2011)
  • Anesthesia Grand Rounds September 21, 2011"When Generations Collide in the Workplace"Tudtud-Hans L, Gold P, Baz S, Van Vranken L, Loo L  (09/2011)
  •  Faculty Development Showcase"Professionalism, Case Based Conference", February 23, 2011. Geslani V, Baz S, Tudtud-Hans L, Loo L (02/2012)
  •  Loma Linda Annual PostGraduate Workshop (APC) March 4, 2012. When Generations Collide in the Workplace". Tudtud-Hans L, Gold P, Baz S, Geslani V, Loo L (03/2012)
  •  Annual SOM Chief Residents Conference, May 16, 2012 "Remediating Professionalism" . Geslani V, Tudtud-Hans, L, Loo L (05/2012)
  •   APDIM National Fall Meeting"Crossing the Generational Chiasms between Senior Faculty, Junior Faculty & Trainees" October 13, 2012 Baz S, Gold P, Tudtud-Hans L, Van Vranken L, Loo L (10/2012)


  •  Malik P, Tudtud-Hans L, Hegstad D, Loo LK. Measuring blood Pressure in the obese: Can the Standard Size Cuff suffice? poster presented at ACP Region 2 meeting October 3-5, 1997 (First place Research Category) (01/1997 - 12/1997)