Books and Chapters

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Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Lee S, Withers S, Dailey RJ, Wilkins KB and Stephens J.  Pilot exam use as a predictor for national board dental hygiene examination.  Jounral of Dental Education 72 (2):207 February 2008 (01/2009)
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  • Sean Lee, Michelle Arambula, Wu Zhang, Joni Stephens, Kristi Wilkins and Yiming Li. " Antiplaque/Antigingivitis Efficacy and Safety of a Cetylpyridinium Chloride/Zinc Gluconate Mucoadhesive Gel,? has been accepted for publication in the Compendium and is tentatively scheduled for the January issue.." Compendium of Continuing Dental Education . June 2008, Vol 29, Issue 5. (01/2009)