Scholarly Journals--Accepted

  • Moving the Needle Toward Fair Compensation in Pediatric Nephrology Darcy K. Weidemann1,2*, I. A. Ashoor3, D. E. Soranno4, R. Sheth5, C. Carter6 and P. D. Brophy7 Front. Pediatr., 10 March 2022Sec.Pediatric Nephrology American Society Pediatric nephrology: White paper on the challenges with Pediatric nephrology Workforce. This was in colloboration with members of the ASPN Workforce committee (07/2022) (link)

Online Publications

  • Association of Plasma Uremic Solute Levels with Residual Kidney Function in Children on Peritoneal Dialysis.  Lakshmi Ganesan, Frank O'Brien, Tammy Sirich, Natalie Plummer, Rita Sheth, Cecile Fajardo, Paul Brakeman, Scott Sutherland and Timothy Meyer CJASN July 2021, CJN.01430121; DOI: Fellow research project, done in colloboration with Stanford Pediatric nephrology and Loma Linda University (07/2021)