Online Publications

  • Sharp, B., Schmude, M. (2019). Implementing Collaborative Learning Methods. Harvard Macy Institute Research Blog. June 2019 (06/2019)

Scholarly Journals--Accepted

  • Sharp, B., Little K. (2015). SLP Shortages…Getting to the Root of the Problem.  California Speech Language Hearing Association Quarterly,  Spring 2016 (05/2016)

Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Sharp, B., Shaughnessy, P., Berk, L., Daher, N. Stress and Language Recovery in Individuals with Aphasia: Constraint Induced Language Therapy. Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Science, 2 (2), 92-98.   (06/2013)

Books and Chapters

  • Sharp, B. (2013). Stress, Depression, Quality of Life, and Language Recovery in Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT). ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 86 pages; 3566137 (06/2013)