Committee Membership (LLU)

  • SAHP Administrative Council - Administrative leadership team for School of Allied Health Professions, comprised of department chairs, faculty governance president, associate deans and assistant deans. Chair: Craig Jackson, JD, MSW - Dean (07/2004)
  • Academic Deans - SEM Committee - Committee dealing with oversight, policy and planning affecting academic and strategic enrollment issues. Chair: Ron Carter, PhD (07/2005)
  • North Academic Complex Task Force: Anatomy Subgroup - University committee guiding development of the Centenial Complex. Chair: Verlon Strauss (07/2004 - 05/2006)
  • University Academic Affairs Committee - Overarching committee for all academic issues at Loma Linda University. (07/2005)
  • General Education Committee - Subcommittee of the University Academic Affairs Committee. Considers proposals, variances and changes to the general education component of undergraduate degrees awarded by Loma Linda University. Chair: Larry Chinnock, EdD (07/2004)
  • Faculty Grievance Committee - Member-at-Large. Committee to hear and make recommendations relative to faculty grievances. (07/2004 - 06/2006)
  • SAHP Humanitec Working Group - Advisory group guiding program operation and problem solving, BS Health Science Humanitec. Chair: Ernie Schwab, PhD (12/2005)
  • SAHP Information Systems Coordinating Committee - Committee charged with evaluating and approving proposals and requests for all electronic instrumentation and information systems hardware/software purchased by SAHP. Chair: Art Kroetz, PhD (12/1996)
  • SAHP Program Directors Committee - Committe comprised of academic directors for the 39 SAHP academic programs, associate and assistant deans. Chair: Craig Jackson, JD, MSW - Dean (07/2004)
  • Commission on Spiritual Values - University committee studying institutional core values, their implementation in faculty and student life, and assessment of outcomes associated with those implementations. Chair: Richard Hart, MD, DrPH (07/2006)
  • Educational Effectiveness Committee - Evaluation and oversight of all academic programs, with particular focus on those programs lacking specific external oversight from professional accreditation bodies. (01/2007)
  • Electronic Academic Processing Committee - This committee is charged with converting university forms and processes to electronic work flow. Chair: D. P. Harris, PhD (01/2007)
  • General Education & Humanities Task Force - Ad Hoc committee to study possibilities for, and design a proposal recommending, the formation of a Humanities faculty body at Loma Linda University. Chair: Jim Walters, Phd (06/2005 - 06/2006)
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - Chief academic administrator for the School of Allied Health Professions, currently supporting 42 medical professional academic programs, ranging from certificate and associate degree programs through the PhD and DSc degrees. (07/2004)

Community Service

  • Judge - Califronia State Science Fair. Annual competition for students in California schools, grades 7-12. Judging of original science research and projects. Final judging occurs at Exposition Park, Los Angeles. (05/1999)