Scholarly Journals--Published

  • NON-PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATION Rubinoff B, Roggenkamp C.  Systemic and local causes of dental caries and host resistance.  Ontario Dentist Journal, Jul-Aug 28-31, 2021 (08/2021)
  • PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS Roggenkamp C, Choi B, Chung J, Parhizkar R, Pham A, Robles R.  Amalgam strength resistance to various contaminants.  Operative Dentistry 44-2, E83-E96, March 2019 Jing L, Chen J-W, Roggenkamp C, Suprono M.  Zirconia crown retention with varying tooth preparation heights. Pediatric Dentistry 41(3):229-233, May/Jun, 2019 Xu S, Chen J-W, Roggenkamp C, Zhang W.  Evaluating bonding agent’s effect in microleakage of a bioactive restorative material with thermocycling and pH challenge test. Taiwan J Pediatric Dentistry 19(4):133-142, 2019 NON-PEER-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS Roggenkamp C.  Students’ amalgam study group research published in Operative Dentistry. The LLUSD Articulator 30(1):12-13, 2019 (07/2020)

Non-Scholarly Journals

  • Dental Caries Research Observations from Ralph Steinman and John Leonora: A Historical Perspective, in The Articulator, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, September 2017 issue.   A review of the research and recommendations of Drs. Ralph Steinman and John Leonora as it relates to care of the teeth mainly through dietary reduction in sugar.  It explains the hypothalamic-parotid endocrine axis theory of natural dental caries prevention involving hormonal influences from the hypothalamus in the brain and the parotid salivary gland. (09/2017)