Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Pembrolizumab dramatically resolves choroidal metastatis from esophageal adenocarcinoma and restores vision: a case report D Barrett, A Sumnicht, KV Chalam, M Rauser  Oxford Med Case Reports 2021 Jun 18; 2021(6)   (06/2021)
  • Triamcinolone-Moxifloxicin During Cataract Surgery on Central Macular Edema in Patients with Preexisting Diabetic Macular Edema Angkadjaja, Julia,  Chu, Joshua , Sierpina, David, Peng, Jiahio, Rauser, Michael Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery May 6, 2020 E-pub; Vol 46; issue 9 Sept 2020 (09/2020)
  • Ciprofloxicin and Conjunctival Flora Resistance after Intravitreal Injection  Sierpina, D, Ng CCT, Rauser, ME, Fan, JT Ophthalmology Retina 2019 Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2019, p710-711.   (08/2019)
  • Comparative Analysis of intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide-moxifloxicin versus standard perioperative eyedrops in cataract surgery Nassiri S, Hwang FS, Kim J, Leclair B, Yoon E, Pham M, Rauser ME J Cataract Refractive Surgery 2019; Volume 45, Issue 6, June 2019, 760-765 (06/2019)
  • Retinal Safety of two-photon laser scanning in rats Gopal Swamy Jayabalan, Josef Bille , Xiao Wen Mao, Howard V Gimbel, Michael E Rauser, Frederik Wenz, Joseph T Fan Biomed Opt Express. 2019 Jun 11;10(7):3217-3231 (06/2019)
  • Persistent Macular Thickening After Ranibizumab Treatment for Diabetic Macular Edema With Vision Impairment, Susan Bressler, MD; Allison R Ayala, MS; Neil M.Bressler, MD; Michele Melia, ScM; Haijing Qin, MS; Frederick Ferris III, MD; Christina J Flaxel, MD ; Scott M.Friedman, MD; Adam R.Glassman, MS; Lee M Jampol, MD; Michael E Rauser, MD for the Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network ; JAMA Ophthalmology 2016; 134(3):278-285 (03/2016)
  • Optical Coherence Tomography in Pediatric Ophthalmology : Current Roles and Future Directions. Alasil T, Keane PA, Sim DA, Tufail A, Rauser ME Ophthalmology Surg Lasers Imaging Retina 2013 Nov-Dec ;44( 6 Suppl) S19-29 (11/2013)
  • Renal cell carcinoma metastasis to the ciliary body responds to proton beam radiotherapy: a case report  Alasil T, Khazai B, Loredo L, Rauser ME. J Med Case Reports 2011 Aug 3; 5:345 (08/2011)
  • Oxygen saturation in premature infants at risk for threshold retinopathy of prematurity Thomas WJ, Rauser M, Dovich JA, Dustin L, Flaxel CJ. ; Eur J Ophthalmol. 2011 Mar-Apr;21(2):189-93.   (03/2011)
  • Pupil dilation using a standard cataract surgery regimen alone or with atropine 1.0% pretreatment: prospective comparative evaluation.Narváez J, Kronberg BP, Park H, Zumwalt JR, Wong B, Bacon G, Rauser M, Hoehn AS, Eiseman H, Zimmerman G. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2010 Apr;36(4):563-7. (04/2010)
  • Optical coherence tomography-measured pigment epithelial detachment height as a predictor for retinal pigment epithelial tears associated with intravitreal bevacizumab injections.Chan CK, Abraham P, Meyer CH, Kokame GT, Kaiser PK, Rauser ME, Gross JG, Nuthi AS, Lin SG, Daher NS. Retina. 2010 Feb;30(2):203-11. (02/2010)
  • Intravitreal Bevacizumab in the treatment of neovascular glaucoma secondary to central retinal vein occlusion: a case report.Alasil T, Rauser ME. Cases J. 2009 Oct 30;2:176. (10/2009)
  • Retinal Pigment Epithelial Tears After intravitreal Bevacizumab Injection for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration  Retina. 27(5):541-551, June 2007. CHAN, CLEMENT K. MD *+; MEYER, CARSTEN H. MD ++; GROSS, JEFFREY G. MD [S]; ABRAHAM, PREMA MD [P]; NUTHI, ASHA S. D. DO *; KOKAME, GREGG T. MD #; LIN, STEVEN G. MD *; RAUSER, MICHAEL E. MD +; KAISER, PETER K. MD * (06/2007)
  • Emerging therapies for herpes viral infections (types 1 - 8). Chakrabarty A, Pang KR, Wu JJ, Narvaez J, Rauser M, Huang DB, Beutner KR, Tyring SK. Expert Opin Emerg Drugs 2004 Nov;9(2):237-56. (11/2004)
  • Rauser ME, Rismondo V: Ischemic Optic Neuropathy during Corticosteroid Therapy for Giant Cell Arteritis, Archives of Ophthalmology 113, 707-708  June (1995). (06/1995)
  • Guth L, Albers W, Barrett C, Donati E, Rauser ME:  Quantitative Evaluation of Axonal Regeneration by Immunocytochemical Assay for Neurofilament Protein, Experimental Neurology 100:83-87 (1988). (07/1988)
  • Hosmane RS, Shan A, Rauser ME:  Models for "Fat" Nucleosides and Nucleotides:  Synthesis of "Fat" Xanthine (fX), "Fat" Guanine (fG), and "Fat" Hypoxanthine (fHx) analogues of the Imidazo (4,5-e) (1,4) Diazepine System, Heterocyles 24:2743-2748 (1986). (04/1986)
  • Hosmane RS, Shan A, Rauser ME:  Facile Conversion of 4(5)-Nitro-5 (4)-methylimidazoles into 4(5)-Nitro-5(4)-cyanoimidazoles, Journal of Organic Chemistry 50:5892-5895 (1985). (04/1985)
  • Hosmane RS, Burnett F, Rauser ME, Son C, Lim B:  "Fat" Nucleosides and Nucleotides I. Abstract, Tenth International Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry (1985). (04/1985)

Online Publications

  • Review of Ocular Injuries in Patients with Orbital Fractures : A 5 year retrospective analysis.  Stephanie Terrill, Hyelin You, Heidi Eiseman, Michael E Rauser. Clinical Ophthalmology 2020:14 2837-2842 (Sept 24 2020 online pub) (09/2020)
  • Evaluation of anterior capsular contraction syndrome after cataract surgery with commonly used intraocular lenses Hartman M, Rauser M, Brucks M, Chalam KV Clinical Ophthalmology 2018:12 1399-1403 (12/2018)
  • Jayabalan GS, Wu YK, Bille, JF, Kim, S, Mao XW, Gimbel, HV, Rauser, ME, Fan, JT In Vivo two-photon imaging of retina in rabbits and Rats  Experimental Eye Research 2018 Jan; 166:40-48 ; Epub 2017 May 5 (05/2017)

Non-Scholarly Journals

  • "Eating Yourself Blind" - Article written to emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyle in preventing vision loss. Posted on LLU Ophthalmology website (04/2008 - 12/2013)
  • Loma Linda University Nutrition and Health Letter – May 2004 “Ask the Expert” on “Macular Degeneration and Nutrition (05/2004)
  • “Prevention of Macular Degeneration” – The San Bernardino Sun – June 26, 2003 (06/2003)
  • “Lifestyle changes may help prevent Diabetic Retinopathy” – The San Bernardino Sun – Feb 6, 2002 (02/2002)


  • (PEER REVIEWED) Jesse Dovich MD and Michael Rauser MD. "The Role of Intraoperative Pars Plana Intravitreal Kenalog Injection During Cataract Extraction in Patients With Preoperative Clinically Significant Diabetic Macular Edema." Abstract - Pan American Congress of Ophthalmology, Cancun Mexico. . (2007): -. (05/2007)
  • (PEER REVIEWED) Robert Ford ; Michael Rauser, MD. "Preliminary Study of the EYESI Surgical Simulator ." . (1969): -. (Present)

Books and Chapters

  • AdvanTec Legacy System and the NeoSoniX handpiece, Howard Gimbel, MD, Sandra J. Sofinski M.D., Katerina Kurteeva, and Michael Rauser, M.D. Current Opinion of Ophthalmology Feb 2003, 14: 31-34 (02/2003)