Church Activities

  • Sabbath School - AudioVisual Recording - Involved with VideoRecording and AudioRecording of Weekly Sabbath School in discussion format for dissemination to interested people (04/2006)
  • Weekly Bible Study Group - Hosting, and usually leading, weekly in-home Bible Study group - studying Bible book-by-book (01/2001)
  • Panel Participant on \"Word Pictures\" - \"Word Pictures\" is a television presentation (broadcast on Loma Linda Broadcast Network - soon to be broadcast on world-wide satellite) of a Bible study group with discussion format (01/2003)
  • Church Elder (01/2000)

Committee Membership (LLU)

  • Member, Clinical Faculty Grievance Panel (09/2001 - 09/2006)
  • Director, Electromyography Laboratory (01/1981)
  • Associate Chief, Neurology Service (01/1996 - 06/2007)
  • Program Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Residency (01/1999)
  • Director, Neurology Quality Improvement Committee (01/1991 - 06/2007)
  • Memeber, Promotions Committee, Dept. of Neurology (01/1989)
  • Interviewer for School of Medicine Applicants (01/1989)

Community Service

  • Church Elder. Loma Linda University Church of SDA (01/2000)
  • Theological Crossroads, Inc., Board Member - This tax-exempt group of volunteers is organized for spreading of the Gospel and the \"Great Controversy view\" of the conflict between Christ and Satan over the character and government of God - \"the larger view.\" Activities of Theological Crossroads (Theox) include: -Create, publish and propagate Bible study materials for group and individual study -Maintain a World Wide Web site, -Produce the television show \"Word Pictures\" in cooperation with Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) - now viewed via satellite around the world -Record Dr. Ken Hart\'s Sabbath School study in audio formats -Record Dr. Hart\'s Book-by-Book Bible Study class in audio format -Duplicate and disseminate study materials via the Web and by mail -Organize geological field trips with respected authorities for the purpose of building faith and confidence in the Biblical story of Creation and the Flood (07/2004)