Church Activities

  • Alumni Homecoming Celebration= Sabbath School flag bearer (06/2022)

Committee Membership (LLU)

  • Social Committee = Co-Chair (08/2022 - 06/2023)
  • Faculty Affairs Committee = member (08/2022 - 06/2023)
  • Alumni Association Executive Board = member  (04/2023 - 06/2023)
  • December 10, 2021 = Helped organized the School of Nursing end-of-the-year Christmas Party for all faculty and staff members (spent so many hours planning, shopping/wrapping gifts for prizes, setting up, and cleaning up for the event). (12/2021)
  • Advisor to five new nursing students, now have a total of 11 students this quarter (Spring 2023) (04/2022 - Present)
  • Advisor to six new nursing students for Autumn 2021. (09/2021 - 12/2021)
  • Social & Safety Committee member (Autumn 2021-Spring 2022) (08/2021 - 06/2022)

Committee Membership (non-LLU)

  • PTSA Member - Redlands East Valley High School Fall 2021 (08/2021 - 06/2022)

Community Service

  • Redlands East Valley High School = As a Scholarship Chairperson and an active PTSA member, I volunteered to be a presenter during the Senior Awards Night for the two separate Scholarship Awards (Moore Middle School and REV High School Scholarship Awards to seven graduating students. I reviewed many scholarship entries and helped select the qualified students to receive the awards. I also attended all the PTSA meetings and donated food and money to different organizations, such as Band Boosters, the Badminton Team, and Academic Decathlon fundraising events.  (08/2022 - 06/2023)
  • Loma Linda Fundraising Event (Family Fun Day by Big Hearts for Little Hearts Loma Linda Guild) I volunteered to help set up for the event, assigned to help at the "Bear Clinic," where I helped the children dress a bear stuffed animal in a gown and mask, then showed them how to listen to their hearts and lungs, as well as educate them on how to correctly brush and floss their teeth and what healthy foods to eat.  (05/2023)
  • Participated in blood donation at the LLU School of Nursing.  (04/2023)
  • Jardin de la Salud (San Bernardino) = volunteered and helped clean the garden (pulling weeds and shoveling) with some of our nursing students.   (05/2023)
  • Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic 2023 = Volunteered and assigned at the registration table, where the cyclists sign in and pay for their events, get their number signs, and complete all the required forms for the competition.  (04/2023)
  • Annual Holiday Boutique in Redlands = volunteered to assist in carrying heavy items to the venue, helped set up multiple tables with the holiday decorated items, wrapped items sold, and organized labels for the vendors.  (11/2022)
  • Crafton Elementary Fall Carnival = Volunteered to help set up game booths, assisted in games, handed snacks/treats and toys, and helped clean up after the event. (10/2022)
  • November 14, 2021 (6 hours) = Volunteered at the Annual Holiday Boutique with the Gypsy Tolers Chapter in Downtown Redlands (assisted with setting up some vendors' tables/booths, preparing and passing out drinks (Apple Cider) and cookies to the public, as well as helped cleanup at the end of the event). (11/2021)
  • October 29, 2021 (6.5 hours) = Volunteered at the Crafton Elementary's Fall Carnival (assisted in setting up game booths, was in charge of manning up a game for the night, passing out prizes and candies, helped with cleanup after the event). (10/2021)
  • May 1, 2022 (4 hours)= Volunteered at the 2022 PossAbilities held at Drayson Center in Loma Linda (assisted in the Outpatient Rehab Booth during the event, welcoming families and passing out goodie bags). (05/2022)
  • April 24, 2022 (6 hours)= Volunteered at the Redlands Bike Classic 2022 (Assigned to assist community members to safety by making sure they know when the bikers are on the way so they won't cross the street). (04/2022)
  • March 2, 2022 (2 hours)= Volunteered at the Crafton Elementary School's Book Fair Family Night (welcomed and assisted families in looking for books or any items they need, as well as organizing books and other things). (03/2022)

Society Memberships (non-professional)

  • PTSA (Redlands East Valley High School) = Scholarship Chairperson, active member (08/2020 - Present)

Society Memberships (professional)

  • Association of Public Health Nurses = member (08/2020 - Present)
  • American Nurses Association = member (08/2020 - Present)