Honors and Awards

Professional Awards and Honors

  • First place in Student Research Competition LLUSD: Clinical Category. "Case Study of a Patient wit Post-Polio Syndrome". Danae Davis, Trisha Aprecio, Chris Chu. Mentors: Darlene Armstrong, Adrian Mobilia. Loma Linda, CA. (03/2011 - 09/2011)
  • 2008 LLU Alunmi Convention; Student Research Competition: First Place. Category Clinical Research Title: "Comparing the Effectiveness of Floss with the Toothpick in Removing Supragingival, Interproximal Plaque" Authors: Mark Brown, BA; Vincent Drouin, BSc ; Graig Erickson, BSc; Claire Lee.BA; Adrian Mobilia, DDS I was mentoring of these students. (02/2008 - Present)
  • 2008 LLU Alunmi Convention; Student Research Competition: Second Place. Category Clinical Research Title: "Efficacy of Interproximal Irrigation with an Essential Oil-Containing Mouthrinse in the Maintenance of Gingival Health" Authors: Pauline Karunakaran, Lawrence Lee, Adrian Mobilia I was mentoring these students. (02/2008 - Present)
  • First place  in Student Research Competition LLUSD 2009: "Individualized Care For Patients with Special Needs"; Hossai Tahmas, Pamela Slonaker and Sherwin Taylor. Mentor Adrian Mobilia (03/2010 - Present)