• The 78th Annual Postgraduate Convention. Advances in Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in 21st Century. Alumni Association of School of Medicine of Loma Linda University, 03/2010. (03/2010)
  • Professional Panel of physicians Organized by The Pink Ribbon Place. The oncologist representing          Loma Linda University to discuss the various stages of breast cancer treatment and answer questions for newly diagnosed cancer patients, those in treatment and their families. Riverside Community Center 4/26/2010. (04/2010)
  • Educational lectures For Loma Linda University Medical Center Oncology Nurses. Recertification  courses. August 2010. (08/2010)
  • Professional Panel of physicians Organized By The Pink Ribbon Place. Breast Cancer: Now what? The oncologist representing Loma Linda University to discuss the various stages of breast cancer treatment and answer questions for newly diagnosed cancer patients, those in treatment and their families. Riverside Community Center 11/15/2010. (11/2010)
  • Ground Round for Internal Medicine. Personalized Treatment for Lung Cancer. Loma Linda University, 2/2011 (02/2011)


  • Dysfunctional Plasma HDL in patients with coronary atherosclerosis.  Poster Presentation at Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Washington, DC. April 1999.  (04/1999 - 1999)
  • Expression of check-point kinase CHK2 in human cancers: Preliminary attempt to correlate with tumor sensitivity to DNA damaged based therapy. Poster presentation at West Virginia University, The Comprehensive Lung Cancer Program, Morgantown, WV. September 2005. (09/2005)
  •  A rare presentation of gastric adenocarcinoma with acute pulmonary embolism and fatal acute disseminated intravascular coagulation. ACP all Cal chapters meeting in Monterey CA, Nov 2006 (11/2006)
  • Mirshahidi HR, Nasseri K, Mills PK. Suicide in Cancer Patients in California, 1997-2006 ASCO 2011, Chicago. Abstract 1535. Poster Presentation. (06/2011)
  • LiaoYM, Mirshahidi HR, Kangling Zhang K, MirshahidiS, Williamson S, Hsueh CT.Phase I study of azacitidine and cisplatin in patients with advanced head and neck or non-small cell lung cancer. AACR 2012, Chicago. Abstract # 5136. (2012)
  • Conrad R; Mirshahidi HR; Cobb C; Castelino-Prabhu S; Raza A, NUT Midline Carcinoma With Elevated Alpha-fetoprotein and Synaptophysin Positivity: A Case Report and Review Of The Literature. The Pathologists’ Meeting (CAP’12) September2012, San Diego USA. Poster Session # 500. (09/2012)
  • Sequist, L.V.; Lopez-Chavez, A.; Doebele, R.; Gray, J.; Harb, W.; Modiano, M.; Jackman, D.; Baggstrom, M.; Atmaca, A.; Felip, E.; Provencio, M.; Cobo, M.; Mirshahidi, H.;  Kripas, C.; Andreas, K.; MacBeath, G.; Czibere, A.; Chu, Q.; Schneider, C-P.; Cho, B.C.; Park, K.; Shepherd, F.A Randomized Phase 2 Trial of MM-121, a Fully Human Monoclonal  Antibody Targeting ErbB3, in Combination with Erlotinib, in EGFR Wild-type NSCLC Patients. ASCO 2014, Chicago. J Clin Oncol 2014. Abstarct 5136, poster presentation. (2014)
  • Constance Stoehr, Ather Mehboob, Hamid Mirshahidi. The Fateful MRI : A case report of a massive Incidentaloma. ACP 2014 June, Loma Linda, Ca. poster presentation (06/2014)


  • RhoC GTPase, transforming oncogenes of mammary epithelium, stimulates expression of genes involved in Cytoskeletal reorganization and motility.  American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting, New Orleans, LA.  March 2001. Oral Presentation. (03/2001)
  • RhoC GTPase modifies the expression of invasion and angiogenesis related genes in breast cancer. Presented at American College of Physician-ASIM scientific meeting, Travercity, MI.  June 2001. Oral Presentation. (06/2001)
  • Secondary angiosarcoma of the breast; Impact of surgical treatment and radiation dose in disease free survival.  Presented at West Virginia Chapter, American College of Physician-ASIM scientific meeting, Beckley, WV.  June 2003. Oral Presentation. (06/2003)
  • Check-Point Kinase expression in carcinomas: An attempt to establish the relation between tumor sensitivity and DNA damaged based therapy. 4th ECOG Young Investigator Symposium, Tampa, Florida. November 2004. Oral Presentation. (11/2004)