About Kelly L. McHan, EdD, MPH

The surety of a commitment to serve others anchors me in a world where so much is unsure.   Serving others as a nurse takes many forms.  The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses states that “the nurse collaborates with other health professionals and the public to protect human rights, promote health diplomacy, and reduce health disparities.” 

I serve others when I advocate for social justice and work for health equity for underserved populations.  I also serve others by guiding nursing students as they prepare for service in a hurting world.  As I contemplate where I've been, what I've done, and where I am now, I realize that my personal mission statement, which I formulated while a hospice nurse in the 1990s, is still relevant for me; "to bring comfort and well-being to all whom God calls me to serve."