Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Ardila, A. M.M., Pompe, L., Clausen, B. L., Paterson, S. R., Holk, G. J., & Luffi, P. (2023). A synthesis of the Peruvian Coastal Batholith: An exploration of temporal histories, causes of compositional diversity, and tectonomagmatic links in arcs. Lithos, 107298. (11/2023) (link)
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  • Alférez Germán, H., Vázquez Elías, L., Martinez Ana, M., and Clausen Benjamin, L. (2021) Automatic Classification of Plutonic Rocks with Deep Learning. Applied Computing and Geosciences 10 (2021) 100061. (06/2021) (link)

Scholarly Journals--Accepted

  • Jodi D. Garcia., Adriana L. Garcia Garza., Alférez Germán, H., Clausen Benjamin, L., and Martinez Ana, M. (2021)   Machine Learning in Geochemistry: A Bibliometric Analysis. Transactions on Computational Science & Computational Intelligence. (05/2021)

Scholarly Journals--Submitted

  • Alférez Germán, H., Esteban Oscar, A, Clausen Benjamin, and Martinez Ana, M., L.."Automated machine learning pipeline for geochemical analysis". Submitted to Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (03/2021)