Scholarly Journals--Accepted

  • G. Alden Holmes, MD1 , Mansee Desai, MD1 , Brittanya Limone, MA/MD1 , Justin Love, MPAS/PA-C1 , Melanie Tawfik, MD1 , Lulu Wong, MD1 , Betsy Furukawa, MD1 Affiliations: 1) Loma Linda University Dermatology Department , A Case Series of Cutaneous COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions at Loma Linda University Department of Dermatology , JAAD case reports patients cases of varying COVID-19 vaccine reactions  (08/2021)

Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Patton, S.B. MSHS, PA-C, Love, J. MPAS, PA-C.  COVID 19 and Transition to Teledermatology, Practical Dermatology, 2020 40,41 the role of teledermatolgy and expiernces in tranisition during COVID-19 (12/2020)
  • Love, J. MPAS, PA-C.  Angiosarcoma masquerading as dissecting cellulitis, J of Derm PA’s (2019). patient case report  (08/2019)
  • Margit L.W. Juhász, MSc1, Justin Love, PA2, Sharon E. Jacob, MD. The Role of the Registry in Dermatologic Disease Burden and Research, J for Derm PA’s, 2016 fall; Vol. 10, number 4. overiew and role of dermatologic registries  (08/2016)
  • Jacob SE, Love J.  TDV: Sore on the Neck.  J Derm Nurs Assoc, 2016 Jul-Aug; 8(4): 247-289. case report  (08/2016)
  • Love, J, Galarza, N, Jacob, SE.  Patch Testing Tools of the Trade: Techniques for Marking and Identifying Patch Application Sites.  J Derm Nurs Assoc, 2015 Mar-Apr; 7(2). an overview of patchtesing application process (03/2015)

Online Publications

  • Forum with Dr. Abel Torres in Supervising Physician’s Corner, J for Derm Society for PA’s, 2012. describes working relationship model between PA-C and collaborating physician  (08/2012)