• Academy of Osseointegration Emerging Leaders presentation on the annual conference in Arizona "Full arch implant fixed prosthesis: How to plan and Execute. (03/2023)
  • Key Guess speaker for Implant-Prosth and Esthetic program Faculty of Dentistry Chulalongkorn University. (09/2023)


  • Vertical guided bone regeneration&periiimplant bone loss: a retrospective analysis. (03/2020)
  • Heat and sound generation during implant osteotomy when using differrent type of drills in artificial and bovine bone block (03/2021)
  • Volumetric analysis on facial contour of anterior tooth replacement with socket shield technique vs connective tissue graft   (02/2022)
  • All-on-four concept of immediate functional implant supported prosthesis: 1 to 10 years retrospective study. (03/2023)
  • Effect of scanning the palate with different palatal vault depth and different implant number on the truness of complete-arch implant scans (03/2023)