Online Publications

  • The Additional Costs of Training Residents. Lee S, Finn K.  AAIM.  Submitted. (06/2022)
  • Lee S, Geslani V, Koh S, Yu M, Loo L.  Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Rating Errors in the Residency Selection Process.  Journal of General Medicine.  2018; 33 (2-Suppl):S274. (04/2018)

Scholarly Journals--Submitted

  • A Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Wellness Check Program for Internal Medicine Residents: A Brief ReportFamilies, Systems, & Health.  Hernandez B, ChenFeng J, Schill-Depew A, Lee S.   Families, System & Health. (06/2022)

Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Deemer DA, Byrne JM, Loo LK, Puder D, Torralba KD, Lee S, Kashner TM.  Calibration Bias and the Interpretation of Clinical Learning Environment Perceptions Surveys.  J Grad Med Educ. Dec 2020; 12(6): 727-736.  PMID 33391597 (12/2020)
  • Loo LK, Lee S, Acosta D.  Maintaining the Public Trust in Clinical Competency Committees - Societal Representatives.  Journal of Graduate Medical Education.  Feb 2017; 9(1): 131-132.  PMID 28261410 (02/2017)