About Isaac J. Kremsky, PhD

I specialize in bioinformatics analysis of high-throughput sequencing data such as RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, BS-sdq, etc. I have extensive experience in the application of Bioinformatics to the study of epigenetic phenomena and RNA Biology, and I have a particular interest in Epigenetics.

With the advent of the field of Epigenetics and its subsequent maturation into a fully-fledged subfield of Molecular Biology, it has become clear that biological phenotypes, including states of disease, are much more plastic and amenable to external factors than was once believed.  To me, the field of Epigenetics represents a beacon of hope for our species, providing the possibility that we may one day learn how to manipulate our epigenomes in ways that are safe, inexpensive, and that keep us free from disease.  While this may seem to be a remote possibility reachable only in the very distant future, the exponential growth of technology and recent advances in the field suggest that we may begin to see the use of epigenomic manipulations to successfully treat and cure disease in our lifetimes, and I can think of no other field of science with such broad potential for the improvement of human health.