• Spotlights on Reform: Provider and Patient Impact, Loma Linda, CA (02/2014)
  •   Pediatric Grand Rounds at LLUH: "The Evolving Healthcare Landscape"   (03/2014)
  •   Internal Medicine Grand Rounds at LLUH: "Understanding the Changing Healthcare Landscape"   (04/2014)
  • Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds at LLUH: "Affordable Care Act and Covered CA" (11/2014)
  •   Noon Seminar at Murrieta Hospital: "Reflections on the First Year of Covered CA"   (01/2015)
  • Pediatric Noon Conference: Acute Otitis Media (04/2015)
  •   Spotlights on Reform for LLUH: "Affordable Care Act and Covered CA: Where We are A Year Later"   (05/2015)
  • Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds at LLUH: Affordable Care Act: Background, Implementation and Updates (03/2016)
  • Western Regional Summit on Hunger as Health Issue ("Diagnosis: Hunger"):  “In Utero to In Trouble: Effect of Hunger on Children’s Health,” September 14, 2016. (09/2016)
  • LLUH Department of Preventive Medicine Distinguished Speaker Series (04/2017)
  • Loma Linda University Healthcare Management Association (LLUHMA) SPRING Quarter Healthcare Lecture Series: Healthcare Policy at a Crossroads (04/2017)
  • Spotlight on Health Policy: The Opioid Epidemic (10/2017)
  • LLUH Department of Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds: Current Status of the ACA (06/2018)
  • 2019 Homecoming Weekend's Interprofessional Education Day: Panelist for the Opioid Panel for Today’s Healthcare Challenges: An interprofessional approach to suicide, behavioral health and the opioid crisis. (02/2019)
  • LLUH Department of Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds: The Past, the Present and the Future of the United States Health Policy  (12/2020)
  • Panel Presentation: "When the Herd Includes Children: COVID-19, Children, and the Ethics of Vaccine Recommendation Policies" (06/2021)
  • The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center's Health Equity and Social Justice Conference: "The Tale of Telehealth: The Impact of Health Policy on Patient Care, Social Justice and Health Equity" (04/2022)
  • "Policy & Advocacy: Building a Better World for All through Systemic Changes" as part of a workshop given at the 2023 Adventist Bioethics Conference  (05/2023)


  • 4th Annual Loma Linda University Health Symposium: "You Are What You Eat: Nutrition and Pediatric Obesity." (09/2015)


  • Poster Presentation at the 2013 American College of Preventive Medicine Conference: The New ACGME-Mandated Clinical Requirement For General Preventive Medicine Residency Programs: An Analysis Of Approaches Taken By Various Programs, Scottsdale, AZ  (02/2013)
  • Poster presentation at APHA 2015 Annual Meeting: Forming Strategic Partnerships for Change in an Environmental Justice Community: ENRRICH Study, Chicago, IL. (10/2015)


  • Spencer-Hwang R, Valladares J, Dougherty M, Torres X, Pasco-Rubio M, Almanza N, Soret S, Kim W, Montgomery S. (2016, October). Power of Theatre Engaging an Environmental Justice Community and Encouraging CBPR Study Participation. Roundtable Session at the 144th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. (10/2016)
  • LLUH Dentists’ Attitudes and Knowledge About Pain Management (09/2019)