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  • An Interview with Chat Generative Pre-Training Transformer (Chat GPT): How Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Change our Practice? NEONATOLOGY TODAY  Peer Reviewed Research, News and Information in Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine Volume 18/Issue 5 May 2023   Munaf Kadri, MD, Shaina Lodhi, MD, Farha Vora, MD, Mitchell Goldstein, MD, MBA, CML, Hun-Seng Chao, MD For the past several years, Chat GPT has been increasing in popularity. The abuses of AI to generate answers to college essays have been widely reported in the news, especially when these essays are flawed with imperfect information. Indeed, there are even programs that detect the use of AI when the authorship is suspect. Others extol its virtue in creating new answers to perplexing questions. However, is there a role for AI in the practice of Neonatology? We decided to interview OpenAI’s Chat GPT ( to see if Chat GPT could find a useful place in our practices. (05/2023)

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