• American Occupational Therapy Association Conference, April 25, 2013, San Diego, CA Topic:  Occupational Therapists as BodyWorks Trainers Three hour session (04/2013)
  • Service Learning and Community Engaged Research (04/2017)
  • Better In, Better Out:  Occupation-based Transplant PrehabilitationOTAC Conference, Sacramento, CA (10/2017)


  • NDT and the Hemiplegic Patient:  Multidisciplinary Management of the Hemiplegic Patient, Loma Linda, California (11/1987)
  • Occupational Therapy and the Elderly Population, Redlands, California (05/1994)
  • An Interdisciplinary Geriatric Experience: AH students Learn Teamwork Together, AOTA Conference, Denver, Colorado (04/1995)
  • COTA/OTR Partnerships (05/1995)
  • State Board of Education - Assistive Technology Project, Sacramento, California (07/1997)
  • San Bernardino County Children''s Network 25th Annual Conference Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California (09/2011)
  • Fall Prevention:  Keeping You and Your Loved One SafeInland Empire Alzheimer Support Services (01/2016)
  • Service Learning In Occupational TherapyLoyal Knights of the Round Table InternationalRedlands, CA (02/2018)


  • Clinical Education Benefits, Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, Washington, DC (09/1998)
  • "Distance Education"  Occupational Therapy Association of California Conference, San Diego, California and Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions Conference, San Diego, California (10/1998)
  • Distance Education:  Innovation at its Best, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Newport Beach, California (04/1999)
  • "Older Person''s Perceptions of Activities and Routines after they stop driving" (student research); "Activity Performance in Older Adults identified as At-Risk or Not-At-Risk for Falls (student research), National Council on Aging/American Society on Aging, Anaheim, California (03/2006)
  • "Association Between Risk Factors for Falls and Occupational Performance in Older Females" (student research); National Council on Aging/American Society on Aging, Chicago, Illinois (03/2007)
  • "Family Perspectives on Caring for the Non-Driving Elder" (student research); "Independently Living Elderly Married Couples Experiences with Shared Occupations" (student research); American Occupational Therapy Association, St. Louis, Missouri (04/2007)
  • Factors Impacting the Gender Gap in the Physician Assistant Profession (student research) American Academy of Physician Assistant Annual Conference San Diego, California (05/2009)
  • Desert Highland Gateway Community:  An Occupational Therapy PerspectiveLLU Alumni Weekend:  Research Poster Session (03/2017)
  • Legacy Building: A Pilot ProgramDepartment of OT and Center for Palliative CareAOTA Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA (03/2017)
  • Poster session: 2018 AOTA Annual Conference and ExpoBetter In, Better Out:  Occupation-based Transplant Prehabilitation (04/2018)


  • 20th International Faith and Learning Seminar:  Integrating Faith and Beliefs at a Distance Education Site, Loma Linda, California (06/1997)
  • Perceptions of Elderly Non Drivers and their Caregivers regardign Driving Cessation.  AOTA Conference, Long Beach, California (04/2008)