Committee Membership (LLU)

  • Chair of annual William James Excellence in Research Competition for Department of Psychology since 2006 (03/2006 - 03/2014)
  • Psychology dept. T.A.P. committee (09/2005 - 12/2005)
  • Experimental psychology program committee (09/2005 - 07/2006)
  • FGS governance committee (09/2005 - 07/2006)
  • IRB research coordinating committee   (09/2005 - Present)

Community Service

  • Faculty sponsor for 2014 San Bernardino Brain Bee High School Neuroscience Education event (03/2014) (link)

Society Memberships (professional)

  • Consultant to California State University San Bernardino's IRB committee Mentor for LLU Teen Summer Program 2018 Set up 1st annual 2014 San Bernardino Brain Bee and gave keynote lecture Talks to Temecula Valley School District, Temecula Valley Judo Club, and Temecula Valley Football Club on traumatic brain injuries and concussion Member of professional society and conference committees: Organizing committee / moderator at the 17th internaitonal conference on Brain Edema and Cellular Injury, Guangzhou, China, December 2017 Local organizing committee for 14th International Conference on Neurovascular Events after Subarachnoid Hemmorrhage, Huntington Beach, September 2017 Chair of Brain Edema and Injury session and member of the Scientific Committee at the 16th International Conference on Brain Edema and Cellular Injury and the 3rd Symposium on Preconditioning for Neurological Disorders, Huntington Beach, September 2014 Nominations and Elections Committee for the International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society (2007-2009) Chair of annual Society for Neuroscience music social (Present)