• 1.     LLU MAXICOURSE JUNE 2014 ON LINE SESSION: PROVISIONAL RESTORATIONS ON SINGLE IMPLANTS IN THE ESTHETIC ZONE   2.     2014 MAXICOURSE PRESENTATION   3.     ALUMNI CONVENTION FEB 9th 2015: PROSTHODONTICS AND IMPLANT DENTISTRY TRACK presentations   4.     LLU ADVANCED COURSE IN IMPLANT DENTISTRY AND PROSTHODONTICS: CAD/CAM DENTURES AND MANAGEMENT OF COMPLEX IMPLANT SITUATIONS   5.     LLU Dentist group visiting from Spain, 2015 March 25th:  CAD/CAM DENTURES AND MANAGEMENT OF COMPLEX IMPLANT SITUATIONS   6.     LLU Implant department: two lectures, 2015 March and May 15th   , Fixed Complete Dentures Restorative Options   7.     LLU Maxicourse On line lecture June 2015: “Single implant provisional restoration in the esthetic zone”   8.     Loma Linda University Course Director: Implant Treatment Sequencing Seminar as July 2015   9.     Gide Program at LLU Sept 15th 2015: Lecture CAD-CAM digital dentures (1h)   10.  AAID annual meeting Oct 23rd 2015 Las Vegas: Digital dentures for Immediate Conversion of Full-Arch Implants, Hands-on Workshop (4h)   11.  AAID annual meeting Oct 22ND 2015 Las Vegas,NV, MODERATOR LIVE SURGERY: Immediate implant Placement, Lateral Window, with Sinus Augmentation Boradcast live UNLV School of Dentistry, Dr Michael Daccache OMFS   12.  AAID annual meeting Oct 22nd Las Vegas Hosting the Women’s Dentists Wine and Cheese Gathering   13.  LLU Dentist group visiting from Brazil, 2015 Oct 28th:  CAD/CAM DENTURES AND MANAGEMENT OF COMPLEX IMPLANT SITUATIONS (4h)     14.  LLU MAXICOURSE, NOV 13 th 2016, Lecture 4h: SINUS GRAFTING   15.  Orange County Dental Society Feb 9th, 2016, lecture (2.5 h)   16.  Midwinter Meeting Feb 25th 2016, Lecture on Sinus grafting (1h) Chicago, IL   17.  Advanced Course in Implant Dentistry and Prosthodontics “CAD CAM Dentures and   Management of Complex Implant Case”LLU, March 16th 2016 (4h) for Spain Dentist group   18.  LLU 40th Anniversary of Implant Program, 20 min presentation April 5th  2016   19.  Examiner VA Hospital Mock Boards in Prosthodontics, Examiner April 22nd 2017, Los Angeles VA Hospital, CA   20.  EXAMINER Chicago AAID Associate Fellow Board Examinations, May 15-18th, 2016   21.  WEBINAR LLU Maxicourse, June 6th 2016, (2.5h online lecture)   22.  Laguna Hills Lecture for Office Referrals, July 28th 2016, 3 CE credits ( Straumann hosted)   23.  gIDE Master Clinician Program, September 20th 2016, 1 h presentation Digital Dentistry   24.  MODERATOR LIVE SURGERY AAID, OCT 2016, ANNUAL MEETING, NEW ORLEANS   25.  Laguna Hills Plaza Study Group, CA, May 18th 2017: Prosthodontic Tx Planning lecture   26.  OC Women Study Club presentation, May 31st 2017 at Mission Viejo Country Club, CA   27.  EXAMINER Mock Board Examinations American Board of Prosthodontics- April 21st 2017, Los Angeles VA Hospital, CA   28.  WEBINAR LLU MAXICOURSE June 6th 2017, (2.5h Online Lecture)   29.  MODERATOR LIVE SURGERY, AAID OCT 10-14TH 2017,  ANNUAL MEETING, SAN DIEGO, CA   30.  OC STUDY CLUB-DR CAPLANIS- OCT 5TH2017: Lecture on Facial Esthetics and Craniofacial Growth   31.  LECTURE, Oct 30th 2017, LLU, Dentists group from Mexico ( 4h)   32.  MODERATOR, ACP NOV 1-4TH  2017, ANNUAL SESSION SAN FRANCISCO, CA   33.  Examiner LLU Advanced Education Program in Implant Dentistry - Interviews- Nov 20th 2017, Loma Linda School of Dentistry   34.  Lecture 2 h, Feb 22nd 2018, Dr. Clem Study Club / Periodontist in Fullerton, CA   35.  Lecture 4h, LLU China Group of Dentists, March 20th 2018   36.  President WD AAID, Meeting April 19-21st 2018  and organizing the Western District  meeting “FOCUS ON THE SINUS 2” Newport Beach, CA   37.  May 3rd, Full arch implant restorations, 1h presentation Study Group Dr. Redd   38.  May 4th, LA VA Hospital Mock Boards Examinations for Prosthodontics board, DR. Phan   39.  Webinar Lecture Maxicourse Loma Linda University, June 5th 2018   40.  Maxicourse lecture  September 7th 2018 (3h) Loma Linda University , Topic “ Complete arch restorations, A restorative Perspective”   41.  Dr. Christopher Travis Study Club March 5th and 6th (1 h each day) presentation   42.  Maxicourse lecture April 4th 2019 (2h) Loma Linda University, Topic “Maxillary Implant reconstruction: A Restorative Perspective”   43.  Foreign Dentist Group April 9th Loma Linda University (4h) presentation   44.  Webinal Maxicourse Loma Lina University April 11th ( 2 h)   45.  Pacific Coast Society for Prpsthodontics Napa Valey, CA ( 20 min) June 20th 2019 Presentation Topic “Complete arch reconstruction”   46.   Dr Redd Periodontics study group July 25th presentation (1h): the Implant abutment; a restorative perspective   47.  1st years students LLU: Intro in Implant Dentistry Class (2h) presentation July 31st 2019   48.  ABOI Preparation Course during AAID annual meeting Las Vegas  OCT 24TH2019   49.  Charles Stuart Gnathological and Reaserch Study Group; Lecture Feb 15th 2020 (4h)   50.  LUU China visiting Doctors group: Lecture (4h) March 12th  2020   51.  AO PRE-CONFERENCE LECTURE March 18th 2020 Seattle (4h)     52.  ABOI BOARD EXAMINER APRIL 23-25TH 2020   53.  LLU MAXICOURSE : LECTURE (4H) JUNE 3ND 2020   54.  LLU WEBINAR : LECTURE (2H) SEPTEMBER 8TH 2020   55.  AAID NOVEMBER 13TH 2020 ATLANTA, GEORGIA, Moderator panel discussion on dental materials ( ZR, CO-CR, Castings) scheduled     (01/2020)