Scholarly Journals--Published

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  • (NON-PEER REVIEWED) Diet Survey in Loma Linda Poster Presentation at the 7th International Congress of Vegetarian Nutrition Preliminary results of age and type of diet (02/2018)
  • (NON-PEER REVIEWED) The Polypharma Study - Preliminary Results Poster Presentation at the 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition (02/2018)
  • (NON-PEER REVIEWED) Poster Presentation of the Polypharma Study at the Healthy Peopple Healthy Communities 2017 - Loma Linda University (03/2017)

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  • "Quer chegar aos 100?" - (Want to be 100??) Health and longevity Manual - Portuguese - How to prevent chronic lifestyle-related diseases and follow a lifestyle of the champions from the world blue zones, specially Loma Linda. For public audiences, eBook on Kindle, found on (01/2018)

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  • The problem of wasting food - Portuguese - Vida e Saude Magazine - (Life and Health) (01/2017) (link)