Honors and Awards

Community Awards and Honors

  • Award, Loma Linda Little League leadership award (01/1999)

Professional Awards and Honors

  • Award, National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship Program Public Health Service Award. August 2008 Award presented to Dr. De Leon for serving as research mentor for the program (07/2007)
  • International Annual meeting of the International Fetal and Neonatal Physiology Society First Prize Award for poster presented (with Satya Packianathan and LD Longo). (01/1998)
  • Society for Gynecological Investigation Special presidential Award for poster presented at the 1997 meeting of the (with Y Liu and LD Longo). (01/1997)
  • Award, Loma Linda University Outstanding Leadership of Minority Students and the Principle of Diversity Award  (01/1995)
  • NIH-MARC Postdoctoral Fellowship. (01/1987)
  • Society for Neuroscience/NINLDS Travel Fellowship (01/1983)
  • NIH-MBRS Graduate Fellowship (01/1979)

University Awards and Honors

  • Loma Linda University Health Distinguished Investigator Award (05/2023)
  • Recipeint of the  Loma Linda University Centennial Vanguard Award in cellebration of the 100th year Anniversary, April 9, 2006.   (01/2006 - 01/2009)
  • Award, Loma Linda University Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership of Minority Students and the Principle of Diversity (07/2007)
  • Award, Outstanding Leadership and Support of Minority Students and the Principles of Diversity Award, LLU Association of Latin American Students, 06/2008 (06/2007)
  • Award, Loma Linda University Hispanic Alumni Association Award. Special Recognition Award for “Contributions Leading to Hispanic Empowerment. Hispanic Alumni of Loma Linda University. (01/2003)
  • Award,The Walter E. Macpherson Society Outstanding Faculty Researcher for the year 2001. (01/2001)
  • Award, Loma Linda University Award “Diversity Service Award”. (01/1998)
  • Stanford University Dean's Postdoctoral Award (01/1987)
  • University of California Graduate Opportunity Fellowship (01/1984)
  • University of California Research Assistantship (01/1983)
  • University of Puerto Rico President’s pre-doctoral Scholarship (01/1981)
  • UCD Non Resident Tuition Fellowship (01/1981)