Honors and Awards

Community Awards and Honors

  • Alumnus of the Year - 2016 - Monterey bay Academy In recognition of education to transform the lives of others and the commitment to "Make Man Whole". (05/2016)
  • Good Samaritan in Leadership Award - 2009 Recognized by Senior Executive Team with LLUMC CEO, nominated and voted on by management peers for “walking the talk” in leadership by living the core values of Loma Linda University Medical Center. (04/2009)

University Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Doctoral Research Awward - 2022 Recognized by Loma Linda University, School of Allied Health Professions Office of Research Affairs, in recognition of commitment to scholarship and professional development through research. (06/2022)
  • Graduate Wholeness Portfolio Award, Recognized by Loma Linda University Faculty for innovation, contribution, self-care, and community involvement as a graduate student. (06/2015)