Danica Brosky

Danica Brosky will soon be graduating from Loma Linda University School of Public Health’s Master of Public Health Nutrition program. She is looking forward to becoming a registered dietitian and hopes to work in a medical setting. Danica recalled a pivotal experience during the Pipelines program, when she first discovered her interest in preventative medicine and nutrition. The Pipelines program enabled Danica to, “learn more about professions and hear directly from the professionals as we toured different facilities. The job shadowing week was a really good experience as well, getting to see firsthand behind the scenes day-to-day life with certain professionals…I met a registered dietitian in the NICU which I found really interesting because I didn’t realize they worked in that setting. Learning from all the health professionals during the program helped me narrow down that I liked preventive healthcare and learning more about the public health side of things. Then I did my own research about nutrition my first year of college and it helped me realize that I wanted to pursue that.” 

Danica also mentioned how helpful it was that the CAPS office and the Pipelines program continued to stay in touch with her. “They would check in and see how I was doing and let me know of any opportunities or scholarships that I should apply to. It was cool that they kept in touch and really cared about how I was doing and what my plans were for the future. And now…it has all come together and connected!”

Danica is also a member of the Transition 2 Success program, which pairs mentors with mentees to help newly high school graduates and college graduates. “It’s been really nice to be a part of that.” 

Currently, Danica works at CAPS as a healthy living activities coordinator which balances nicely with her studies. “It is really nice to come full circle and be helping work with CAPS and seeing the other side of everything.” Right now, Danica is gearing up for Goal 4 Health, a youth soccer program that runs for about ten weeks and is open to any community members (kids 3-14 can join). The program is more than just soccer, “we also have healthy living activities which are activities or lessons for the kids about nutrition, physical activities, stretching, and mental health - each week there is a different topic.” She has also been very involved with the community garden and produce distribution in San Bernardino, which connects to her interest in nutrition. 

In her downtime, Danica enjoys thrift shopping, finding new recipes, and trying new foods. As graduation approaches, she hopes to maintain and foster her relationships with CAPS and Loma Linda particularly because it has been such a special part of her life. And Danica is excited for what is to come. “There are a lot of plans for the future that are really exciting.”