Fire and Safety Code

Absolutely no tampering with the alarm system is allowed. The smoke detectors can be set off by burning food; so do not leave the stove/oven area unattended. If the fire department is alerted without need, the occupants will be charged $100 for the unwarranted call. The fire Marshall has the right to levy a fine if he deems necessary. If the fire department is alerted for the same apartment more than once without warrant, steeper charges will be assessed. No Candles, Incense or Open Flamed items are allowed at any time.

Fire regulations require that the doorways be free from obstructions at all times. Tampering with the fire alarm system/extinguishers will result in a fine. If you detect smoke or evidence of a fire notify the fire department immediately (911). Whenever the fire alarm sounds:

  1. Stop whatever you are doing and prepare to leave the building at once.
  2. If your window is open, close it.
  3. Feel the door before opening it. If the door is hot, do not open. If it doesn't feel hot, open it slightly. Hold your head away; brace the door with your foot. Test the air temperature with your hand across the opening.
  4. If the hall is not safe, remain in the apartment. Plug any opening or cracks where smoke may enter using a wet towel, sheets, blankets, mattresses, etc.
  5. Stay as close to the floor as possible when in an area with smoke.
  6. In rooms with windows, open the window slightly and/or stay near it. Keep calm; avoid hysteria. Do not climb out of a window and try to jump. To indicate that you are there hang a towel or a sheet outside the window. If smoke enters the room, make a tent with a towel or blanket at a slightly open window and breathe the outside air.

The apartments vary in their design. Don't panic. Use your common sense.


In the event of an emergency, you may check for instructions on the office door and/or call the following:

Emergency services 911

Emergency services of LLU 3333

Campus security* (24 hours) (909) 558-4320

Daniells Residence (909) 558-4562

Resident Directors (RD)

Every 10-12 days the RDs will stop by to check fire extinguishers, visit, disseminate information, and see if you have any needs, problems, or concerns. We are all here to serve you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Auto Theft

Cars are periodically broken into on campus. An overwhelming majority of the time items were left in the vehicle. DO NOT LEAVE ANY VISIBLE ITEMS IN YOUR CAR. Please report any problems or suspicious behavior immediately to security.


The campus chaplain is Terry Swenson. His office is located in the Councilors Student Pavilion and is open for counseling, personal, and spiritual needs. He can be reached at 88348.


LLU offers free counseling to students through the Student Assistant Program. The program allows multiple visits for a variety of issues including marital, personal, working, and school. (909) 558-6028.


The possession of firearms, weapons, or explosives by the residents and/or guest is strictly prohibited. Possession of these may be cause for dismissal from the complex and/or university.

Right to Search

The University reserves the right to enter residence complex rooms at any time, with or without notice, to inspect for violation of building and safety codes, applicable laws, and University rules and regulations.