Program Description

The entry-level Masters (ELM) program is a full-time accelerated nursing program for non-nurse college baccalaureate graduates who wish to become registered nurses (RNs). The ELM program prepares students in the provision of evidence-based nursing care with an emphasis on care coordination and religious/cultural care to patients along the wellness/illness continuum and across all care settings. The curriculum provides requisite nursing knowledge and practice expertise enhanced with masters course work in healthcare leadership, public health, health promotion/disease prevention, and community-based heaslthcare. The 24 month program prepares students to enter the nursing profession as masters credentialed registered nurses better prepared to meet the demands of evolving population health. At the end of the program, graduates receive a master of science degree in nursing and are eligible to sit for the nationwide test for the licensing of nurses,  the national Council licensure examination (NCLEX). The program also allows the student to be certified as a Public Health Nurse in the state of California.
The program will admit one time per year in each Winter Quarter. Full-time enrollment is required.

Program Website

Program Length

2 years

Possible Careers

Nurse in hospitals, public health, community clinics, emergency, schools.

Admissions Requirements

  • Nursing, BS
  • 3.3 minimum GPA


  • Anatomy & Physiology I & II (with lab) 8 quarter units
  • Intro to Organic & Biochemistry (with lab) 8 quarter units
  • Basic Medical Microbiology (with lab) 5 quarter units
  • English Composition (Full Sequence) 9 quarter units
  • Public Speaking 4 quarter units
  • General Psychology 4 quarter units
  • Lifespan Development 4 quarter units
  • Introduction to Sociology 4 quarter units
  • College Algebra 4 quarter units
  • Nutrition 4 quarter units
  • Physical Education 2 activity classes
  • Humanities 16 quarter units (At least 3 areas required)

Choose from the following areas for humanities:

  • Introduction to Art or Music
  • Literature
  • Applied Art or Music
  • Foreign Language
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
Integrating faith and health
Loma Linda University educates and encourages a balanced life by living our values of humility, compassion, justice, integrity, excellence, freedom and self- control. You will be surrounded by faculty who are committed to healthcare innovation and research while engaging your spirituality.


Expected costs for the academic year are based on full time attendance. From year to year, increases are anticipated consistent with inflation in the professional education sector.