Experience STEM design thinking and innovation at the EXSEED Summer Conference! All participants will attend design thinking plenary sessions that will result in an EXSEED Micro-certificate in Design Thinking in STEM Education.

Through experiential learning activities participants will be fully immersed in design thinking and innovation. Participants will gain:

  • A thorough understanding of the design thinking process
  • Creative confidence to implement design thinking projects
  • Critical thinking strategies to excel in STEM education

The EXSEED Summer Conference is returning to its successful in-person format, providing workshops and plenary sessions to impart effective and innovative teaching strategies.

2023 EXSEED Conference (In Person)



Our 2023 EXSEED Conference is in person only.

  •  $100 registration fee (NON-REFUNDABLE)
    • Hotel accommodation and meals (lunch and dinner) are provided. Breakfast is provided at the hotel.
  •  Registration is limited to 75
  • EXSEED Conference Week, June 19-23, 2023: Participation in whole-conference activities and attend each day throughout the conference.
  • School Year 2023-2024: You can earn either Loma Linda University academic credit (3) hours OR  non-academic clock hours by completing a STEM/STREAMS project using the  project-based learning approach with a mission focused learning lens. The course incorporates a blend of hands-on workshops, readings, and reflective discourse opportunities. All course and conference requirements must be completed by June 2, 2024 to receive credit or clock hours.

*Please note: iPads are no longer provided as part of conference attendance. Please bring your own device to use during sessions and workshops.  

NOTE: Since registration is limited, it is very important that you let us know if you need to cancel your registration so we can open up the space to those who are on the waiting list.




View the conference schedule

  • Breakfast (7:00-7:45 AM)**
  • Lunch (12:00- 1:00 PM)
  • Dinner (5:15-6:00 PM)

** Breakfast is only provided at the hotel to conference attendees staying there

*The evening programming is subject to change. Please plan on required programming until 8 PM for these days.


View the speakers and presenters


EXSEED Conference

  EXSEED provides & covers the cost of: Attendee provides: Pacific Union Conference offers:
First-time attendees
Full conference
  • Lodging*
  • Meals
  • Conference materials
$100.00 registration fee (non-refundable)

NOTE: Participants will have to pay for their travel to and from the EXSEED Conference at LLU.
CEUs or completed clock hours*

* For K-12 teachers & administrators whose residence is more than 30 mi. from Loma Linda, CA; participation for the full week is expected

**For K-12 teachers & administrators; participation for the full week is expected




Who can apply? Registration for the full conference is open to the following groups:
  • SDA K-12 teachers (includes in-service teachers)
  • SDA K-12 administrators
  • SDA higher education professors
  • SDA higher education administrators
  • SDA union & conference representatives
  • K-12 teachers from Indian Springs High School Health Academy
  • K-12 teachers from the San Bernardino City Unified School District
  • Alumni from past EXSEED summer conference may only attend the full conference once; however, they may attend the 2-days hands-on workshops.
Are there eligibility requirements? Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Required qualifications to be accepted:
1) Teaching or other involvement in one or more of the following disciplines or integrated STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math.
2) Agreeing to participate in at least one EXSEED STEM school project in the coming school year.
Is there an attendance requirement? To fully benefit from the conference programming and resources, conference attendees are expected to attend the entire week.
How do I apply?
  • Apply: Please click on the link that is provided to apply for EXSEED. Fill out the online application form out as soon as you can and submit it.
When is my $100.00 registration fee due? You need to enter your payment information at the end of the registration.


Contact: exseed@llu.edu.

Plan Your Trip

June 19-23, 2023 at Loma Linda University

Getting to Campus

We look forward to your visit to the LLU campus in June! If you will be traveling by air, there are several airports serving Southern California. Each provides options for ground transportation to Loma Linda, CA.

* Free transportation to/from the LLU campus will be provided by EXSEED for flights arriving to or departing from ONT during specific time frames only on June 18, 2023 (flights arriving between 2:00-10:00 PM PST only) and June 23, 2023 (flights departing between 3:00-8:00 PM PST only)


Conference Site

Loma Linda University
Centennial Complex
4th Floor Conference Center
24760 Stewart St.
Loma Linda, CA 92354

Please review the check-in locations carefully. ------>

  • Free wireless internet
  • Free parking in Lot X, adjacent to building
  • Lunch, dinner, and light snacks will be provided here 

June 19, 2023 (7:30-8:00 AM)
4220 Centennial Complex Conference Center

  • From parking lot "X", enter the building and head south down the hall; elevators will be at the end of the hall on the left. Take them to the 4th floor. Venue is located directly ahead.
  • From the front entrance (that faces the campus & current street construction), head down the hall; elevators will be on the right. Take them to the 4th floor. Venue is located directly ahead.
  • Lunch, dinner, and light snacks will be provided at the conference site (Note:Breakfast provided only at hotel for conference attendees staying there, M-F)
  • Additional on-campus dining: Get LLU Campus Map.

Drayson Center
25040 Stewart Street
Loma Linda, CA 92354

Full-week attendees, please review the note regarding family members  ------>

  • Free access to facilities with the use of conference ID badge (M-F)
  • For full-week conference attendees: If family will be staying with you at the hotel and would like to use the facilities at Drayson, there is a fee of  $5/day. (Note: Children are permitted to access the pool only, and this is at designated times during the day.)
What to Wear Don't freeze! Read this special note  -------->
  • Dress is casual. Warmer clothing is strongly recommended for the conference site (full-length pants, long-sleeve shirts or light sweaters for layering, etc.)

We look forward to learning and working with you!

 Contact: exseed@llu.edu