Committee Charge and Membership


The UAC charge is to guide in planning and implementing university assessment framework and activities; to facilitate a forum for assessment; and to provide assessment support for the schools. The UAC reports to the Educational Effectiveness Committee and ultimately the University Accreditation Steering Committee. In fulfilling this charge, we will:

  • Guide in planning and implementing university assessment framework and activities:
    • Develop and update the university's strategic assessment plan including analyzing data for analytics
    • Guide university assessment processes
    • Participate in the writing of university WASC assessment reports
  • Facilitate a forum for assessment:
    • Identify solutions for assessment issues at the program, school, and university levels
    • Share challenges and lessons learned through research and publication
  • Provide assessment support for the university, schools, and programs:
    • Communicate regularly with schools on assessment expectations via the assessment specialists
    • Provide feedback to schools and programs to assist them in closing the assessment loop
    • Provide professional development in assessment
    • Guide development and validation of assessment tools



           Donna Gurule - Associate Dean for Academic Administration, School of Public Health
           Natalie Hohensee - Assistant Professor, School of Dentistry


  • University Services

    • Administrative Information Systems
      • Mark Fletcher, Business Analyst
      • John Wical, Director
    • Educational Effectiveness
      • Ken Nelson, Director
      • Diane Mattheson, Academic Liaison
  • EEC Subcommittee Leadership

    • Co-curricular - Kathryn Knecht, Co-chair
  • School Assessment Specialists

    • Allied Health Professions
      • Rasha Abdrabou
      • Brigit Mendoza
    • Behavioral Health
      • Adam Arechiga
    • Dentistry
      • Eun-Hwi Cho
      • Natalie Hohensee
    • Medicine
      • Lynda Daniel-Underwood
      • Hansel Fletcher (Basic Sciences, Earth & Biological Sciences)
      • John Nassif
    • Nursing
      • Lisa Butler
      • Karen Ripley
    • Pharmacy 
      • Stanley Matsuda
      • Justin Kinney
    • Public Health 
      • Michelle Hamilton
    • Religion 
      • Zane Yi
  • Schools

    • Allied Health Professions 
      • Ernie Schwab, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
      • Donna Thorpe, Director of Institutional Research
    • Public Health 
      • Donna Gurule, Associate Dean of Academic Administration