Committee Charge and Membership


The Program Review Committee's charge is to coordinate reviews, conducted periodically by each academic program, within larger accreditation cycles of the University and ensure this produces improvement in quality of educational programs and academic administration.  A Program Review report is produced by each program consisting of a self-study, external reviewers’ team report, and an action plan. Program review continues with feedback from school and university administrators.

In fulfilling this charge, committee members will:

  1. Review requirements of the accrediting body when applicable,
  2. Coordinate schedules for program reviews within accreditation cycles in collaboration with schools and programs,
  3. Develop and maintain online resources for data management that will aid individual program during their reviews,
  4. Disseminate action plan executive summary data,
  5. Ensure that school and university administrators respond to the review of each program.

(Updated January 2015)

Domain of Committee

Within LLU are 8 schools that manage about 104 academic degree programs. The majority of these programs are accredited by professional accrediting bodies in addition to WASC accreditation through the university. Program review cycles for professionally accredited programs range from 4 to 10 years and are independent of WASC accreditation cycles.



  • Diane Mattheson - Academic Liaison, Office of Educational Effectiveness
  • Kenneth Wright - Professor, School of Medicine


  • University Services

    • Educational Effectiveness
      • Ken Nelson, Director
      • Diane Mattheson, Academic Liaison
  • Schools

    • Allied Health Professions
      • Rasha Abdrabou, Director of Program Review and Assessment
      • Karla Lavin-Williams, Assistant Professor
      • Todd Nelson, Assistant Professor
    • Behavioral Health
      • Adam Arechiga, Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs
    • Dentistry
      • TBD
    • Medicine
      • Kenneth Wright, Professor 
    • Nursing
      • Karen Ripley, Assistant Professor
    • Pharmacy
      • Stanley Matsuda, Director of Assessment
    • Public Health
      • Michelle Hamilton, Assessment Specialist
    • Religion
      • Zane Yi, Academic Dean