Committee Charge and Membership


The charge of the Mission-Focused Learning1 Co-curricular Committee (MFLCC) is to guide the development of the University's Mission-Focused Learning framework and implementation; to facilitate a forum for MFL assessment; and to provide assessment support for the MFL across campus. The MFLSC reports to the University Mission-Focused Learning Leadership Committee and Provost. In fulfilling this charge, we will:

  1. Guide the development of the University's MFL framework and implementation:
    • Encourage the systematic integration and assessment of LLU's Mission-focused Learning (MFL)1, Mission-Focused Learning Outcomes (MFLO), and values (JCHIEFS)2 across MFL activities.*
    • Investigate possible best practices for LLU's off-campus programs' MFL experience for students.
  2. Facilitate a forum for discussion of MFL assessment  and collaboration:
    • Service opportunities
    • University community-building and wholeness
      • Social activities
      • Physical health and fitness
      • Spiritual development
    • Professional development
    • Develop MFL assessment process and tools appropriate.
  3. Provide support for the MFL across the University:
    • Develop MFL microsite, network, and resources.

1 Mission-focused Learning (MFL) combines the best traditions of an outcomes-based education and learning by doing, with service to community. MFL combines the goals of "service learning" with those of selfless volunteerism; it is motivated by the example of Jesus Christ who lived to bring hope, healing and happiness to mankind. LLU's commitment to MFL derives from its belief that learning transforms lives. The greatest transformation comes through selfless service to others. This reinforces our core values and encourages civic responsibility within communities. MFL, as well as service learning, utilize experiences that originate and grow from contemplation on the meaning of events; clinical approaches; the needs of others; and the development of skills and knowledge to create a healthier society and world. MFL is a learning approach that looks for, and plans for, "teachable moments" where theory and practical reality come together in "ah-ha" moments. LLU is committed to providing an approach to higher education that blends the professional with the personal and where graduates approach their healthcare profession not as a mere job, but as a calling to service. Such learning brings a truer understanding of our core values, builds character, and brings meaning to the saying "who you are is more important than what you know." Through MFL we prepare students for a dedicated life-long journey of service to all of mankind. LLU WASC CPR Report (2008), p. 31

2 University Values: Justice, Compassion, Humility, Integrity, Excellence, Freedom, Self-control/purity



  • Kathryn Knecht - School of Pharmacy (Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Terry Swenson - Chaplain, Campus Ministries


  • University Services

    • Community-Academic Partners in Service (CAPS) - Vivian Navarro, Director
    • Drayson Center - Kimberly Knowlton, Director
    • Educational Effectiveness
      • Ken Nelson, Director
      • Diane Mattheson, Academic Liaison
    • Employee Wellness (LLUAHSC) - Olivia Moses, Administrator
    • Institute for Community Partnerships - J.C. Belliard, Director
    • School of Allied Health Professions- Yolanda Martinez
    • Students for International Mission Service (SIMS) - Ed Drachenberg
    • Student Services - TBD
    • Student Activities - Shawn Plafker